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Gallery One (Previous Events)


Car Boot Sale, Cheddar - 20th October 2013

Several of us had a good day visiting the Car Boot Sale held every Sunday at Winchester Farm Cheddar, followed by lunch at the White Hart pub, which is situated in a quiet street just off the main road through the Gorge. 


Auction - 7th November 2013

We had a successful Auction of goods donated by members at our regular Thursday social evening.  Money raised went to club funds.  Bidding was fierce between members but fortunately no-one was hurt.


Carnival Night - 8th November 2013

This was the culmination of the Southwest carnival season which started in Bridgwater and ended in Weston super Mare.  The streets were lit by thousands of bright lights on equally dazzling floats.  There was about 140 floats in total each with a different theme.  Congratulations to everyone involved for a spectacular evening.  Look forward to next year..........


Sunday Lunch - 10th November 2013

Sunday lunch was at ZaZa Bazzar on the Harbourside in Bristol.  A group of us spent the afternoon there and it is possible to sample dishes of food from around the world and eat yourself to oblivion.  Well worth the £12.99 cost - look out for offers there, especially the 2-4-1 on Monday.


Christmas Meal - 21st December 2013

A fabulous venue this year for our Christmas Meal was at Henbury Golf Club.  This was well attended by 38 members and the food was excellent and followed by after dinner dancing or catching up on the latest news.  Watch this space for details of next years venue.


New Years Eve Party - 31st December 2013

New Year's Eve in Weston gave us another successful party with the majority of guests bold enough to raid their dressing up boxes and "parade" their wares infront of everyone.  


Open House - 6th January 2014

Once again members were entertained by Aubrey who had an "Open House" in Fishponds with food and drinks.


Sunday Lunch - 14th March 2014

A successful music quiz evening was held in Bristol.  Many thanks to Stuart for this good evening.


23rd March 2014

Sunday lunch was at the Watersky Restaurant, Eastville.  This was an excellent venue with good Chinese food and great value for money.


Supper Evening - 29th March 2014

A fun supper evening was held in Henleaze.There was a 1930's Cabaret theme and the majority of people made an effort with costumes.


Easter Meal - 13th April 2014

Another great Palm Sunday meal at Cameley Lodge where we had 44 members attend.  Good food, good atmosphere and great company.


Supper Evening - 26th April 2014

Supper evening at Bristol Harbourside.  Once more - good food, company and conversation.


Bank Holiday Weekend - 2nd - 5th May 2014 

A group of members visited Birmingham for our annual Bank Holiday Weekend Away.   We booked accommodation at Moor Street Travelodge which was quite central.  The city of Birmingham proved to be a surprise to most of the group with its architecture and city centre which was mostly pedestrianised.


Murder Evening - 31st May 2014

We had a Murder Evening in the Gruesome Bowels of Shirehampton, which was a great success.  The plot was the murder of Rick Toad who was agent to the stars in the dog-eat-dog world of 1950s Hollywood.


Supper Evening - 28th June 2014

Supper evening in Totterdown.  The venue has a very nice garden and many things to view.


Bristol Pride - 12th July 2014

A very enjoyable day at Bristol Pride where we shared a stall with LGBT Saturday Brunch


16th August 2014

After Weston Pride we had a very successful Summer Ball at St Judes Hall WSM with an evening of Barn Dancing.


Sunday Afternoon Tea - 07th September 2014

A group of about 20 people went to Banwell Castle for Sunday Afternoon Tea.  The sun shone and it was a very pleasant afternoon sat outside on the terrace overlooking the gardens and the countryside.


Music Quiz evening - 11th September 2014

This was a pleasant evening at the Harbourside with a music quiz testing our Classical Music knowledge.  Thanks to our host and the quizzers.


Open Doors - 13th September 2014

A small group of us spent the day visiting Bristol Open Doors properties.  Lots of these properties aren't generally open to the public to visit except for this one day in the year.  There is a lot of properties and places to visit so plans are being made to see more next year.


Quiz Evening - 11th October 2014

A movie quiz was held in Weston.  Although it wasn't very well attended a good evening was had by all.  Many thanks to the hosts.


Halloween Party - 1st November 2014

A Halloween party was held in Weston.  There were scary costumes on parade as well as lots of food and drinks. 


Carnival Time - 7th November 2014

Again it was Carnival time in Weston super Mare. Although the evening weather was against us, a group of 10 members had a wonderful time with lots of "oooh's" and "ahhhh's" at the fantastic efforts created by the Carnival Groups of the SouthWest. The parade was about two hours long and consisted of about 140 floats. All monies raised go to local charities. We even had 2 guys from London with us and they were so impressed they have booked their places on the pavement for next year. Many thanks to Norman and Robert for their hospitallity of hot drinks afterwards.


Sunday Afternoon Tea - 16th November 2014

Sunday tea was at a small Tea Shop in Weston called "Blitz".  This place has a 1940's theme.  It was well attended by 16 people and the food available was very nice.  You could even have "Spam" and "Marmite" finger sandwiches.  Plans are in hand to visit this palce again.


Auction - 4th December 2014

Once more we had our annual auction of goods donated by members at our Thursday Coffee evening in Redland.  The money raised was for club funds.


Mince Pie and Mulled Wine - 18th December 2014

What a good evening we had in Weston super Mare at our annual Mince Pie and Mulled Wine evening.  About 20 of us attended and we were treated to the baking skills of John and Maurice with home made Mince pies and apple pies and Adam had baked a selection of Christmas biscuits in various shapes.  There was also lots of Mulled wine (including non-alcoholic for drivers).  Thank you to our hosts.


New Years Eve Party - 31st December 2014

Our New Years Eve party this year was in Redland, Bristol.  About 20 people attended and the costumes worn by members were an excellent choice.  We even had some "fancy dress virgins".  The evening went very well and "happy new year" greetings etc were shared around.  The party will be in Weston super Mare at teh end of this year, join us there.


Open House - 4th January 2015

An "Open House" afternoon was held in Fishponds and hosted by Aubrey.  It was well attended by about 15 people and the food and wine flowed - Thanks again Aubrey for your great afternoon event.


Sunday Lunch - 18th January 2015

Afternoon lunch was at the WaterSky restaurant at Eastville where we had a good turn out of 19 people, having to share two tables.  The food was excellent once more with everyone going home feeling full.  The menu choice was large and something for everyone.  We are hoping to have a return visit there later in the year.  Thanks to Aubrey for organising this.


BBC Bristol Tour - 28th February 2015

A group of us visited BBC Bristol on Whiteladies Road to find out how your television licence money is spent and we were shown around parts of the building and given a brief history of BBC Bristol. 


London Trip - 13th - 15th March 2015

There was a visit to London by a group of seven to see an alternative musical called "Bathhouse the Musical" at a small LGBT theatre called Over The Stag.   


Easter Meal29th March 2015

Palm Sunday meal at Cameley Lodge where we had 51 members attend (this was an increase on last year).  Good food, good atmosphere and great company.


Sunday Afternoon Tea - 26th April 2015

Once again we spent a Sunday afternoon at The Blitz Tearoom, Waterloo Street, Weston super Mare and what a good afternoon we had.  28 people attended and of course we filled the place.  The food was very good, baked potatoes, toasted sandwiches, quiche (homemade), salads, scones with clotted cream and a vey good choice of cakes.  There are lots of memorabillia dotted around the place to grab your atention.  No doubt we will be back to this little touch of the past.


May Bank Holiday - 1st - 4th May 2015

A group of seven of us went to Newcastle for our annual May Bank holiday wekend away.  We stayed at Travelodge Central which was close to the Quayside.  We visited the Sage which is the Concert Hall on the Gateshead of the Tyne.  We were able to have a look inside one of the halls which was enormous and the acoustics were said to be some of the best because of the design of the hall's walls and ceiling.  We were also treated to music by a six piece folk ensembleform Denmark and the UK called DUK. They were formed after a heavy night involving cards and red wine. The sextet consisted of four fiddles, piano and double base.  It was a very entertaining 20mins.  (More on Member's Page)

After this we visited the Baltic Centre next door where we were given a guided tour behind the scenes of the building which had been converted from an old flour mill built by Rank Hovis and is now a Contempory Art building with a constantly changing programme of exhibitions and events.  (More on Member's Page).  There was also the Laing Art Gallery to visit which was impresive.  Another gallery visited was The Biscuit Factory, located in a former Victorian warehouse where we had afternoon tea (just to make CW feel happy - "Where's my cup of tea????").


BBQ - 12th July 2015

We had a very good BBQ in Weston super Mare with 28 guests there enjoying a good selection of BBQ food and Adam's baking.  Although the weather wasn't the best we still enjoyed the afternoon.  Many thanks to Justin and Adam for their hospitality.


Shaun the Sheep Trail - 9th August 2015

A group of 10 decided to track down some of the animals which had invaded Bristol.  These were the "Shaun the Sheep" figures which had been placed at various places in the city.  We started at Whiteladies Road and wandered from here towards the city centre and then along the floating harbour to Cumberland Basin where we had lunch at the Nova Scotia pub.  We returned along Hotwells Road, Millennium Square and back to Redland for tea and cakes.


Summer Ball - 15th August 2015

Once more we had a successful "Summer Ball" (Barn Dance) at St Judes Hall in Weston super Mare.  About 29 of us took to the floor under the precise instructions from the "caller" for several dances which were good fun.  Inbetween dances we were entertained to musical items by him which were appreciated as we recovered from dancing.  A good night was had by everyone and we were asked to book this venue and "caller" for next year. 


American Museum Bath - 29th September 2015

A group of seven visited the American Museum at Claverton, Bath.  Situated within 120 acres of wonderful grounds and stunning scenery, the American Museum in Britain is home to the finest collection of Americana outside of the United States.  The interactive American Heritage Exhibition precedes a series of attractive period rooms dating from colonial times until the eve of the Civil War.  It includes an outstanding quilt collection, inspiring Folk Art gallery and fascinating map exhibition.


Arnos Vale Cemetery - 26th September 2015

A group of 14 people enjoyed a guided tour of Arnos Vale Cemetery on a glorious sunny Saturday afternoon.  The guide, David, gave us a very interesting tour with loads of information about some of the people buried here, including W.D. & H.O. Wills, (the tobacco family) and Rajah Rammohun Roy, a Hindu reformer who died of meningitis while on a visit to Bristol in 1833.  The area that the cemetery covers is 45 acres in total.  We are planning to visit here again and probably do a tour of the "War Graves".


Ghost Walk - 9th October 2015

A group of 7 went on a guided Ghost Walk of central Bristol.  We were joined by 15  other people for the one and a half hour walk.  We started off at Bristol Cathedral which had been used as a location in the film "The Medussa Touch" featuring Richard Burton.  The Cathedral is shown as being destroyed with blocks of stone falling from the top.  We also visited The White Hart pub (next to the bus station), this is a recently refurbished former Priory with 12th Century cellars haunted by a Poltergeist after a 18th Century murder.  There have been some strange sightings here by owners and staff.

Visiting the Odeon Cinema we were told about the murder of the manager who is still said to haunt the office there and this in now avoided for use by managers and staff.  Several members of staff have reported seeing people milling about the auditorium, disappearing if approached. A seat in the third row of screen three is said to be home to a shadowy apparition. 

The Rummer in St Nicholas' Market was also stop which is a restored 15th Century Bristol Coaching Inn with its mysterious tunnels across the road to former the Bank of England.  Its visitors include Cromwell, Elizabeth 1 and a ghostly Market Bar visitor.  The shade of a man dressed in contemporary clothing was seen in the cellar before quickly vanishing, while the ghost of a woman with long dark hair and dressed in white has been reported in the bar.

The Llandoger Trow, in King Street, was built in 1664 and is alleged to have at least 15 ghosts.  The most popular ghost story linked to the pub is about the ghost of a young child who is said to haunt the top floor.  The child is believed to have worn leg braces while alive, and his footsteps can apparently be heard on the staircases in the middle of the night.  TV show Most Haunted has filmed at the pub and the programme claimed that there were at least 15 ghosts.  Upstairs where some staff members live, people say the electrics are always really funny, with lights going on and off for no reason.

Finishing at the Theatre Royal on King Street (Bristol Old Vic), Britains oldest continuous running theatre with Ghostly occupants Sarah and Richard.  Sarah's boyfriend hanged himself at this theatre, and her ghost is thought to continue to mourn the loss here. Architect Andrzej Blonski reported seeing Sarah's ghost, wearing a long, white crinoline dress, in 2010. Another member of staff reported hearing a female voice telling him to 'get out'. The other spook at home here is that of a scenic painter called Richard who died in an accident while working. Richard continues to move the props around.


Halloween Party - 31st October 2015

Our annual Halloween Party was held this year in Bristol.  Many thanks to eveyone who attended and made an effort to scare the pants off people (it didn't work - ha!ha!).  Where were you?  Or were you too scared?


Mulled Wine and Mince Pie evening - 17th December 2015

The evening was our pre Christmas "Mulled Wine and Mince Pie" evening hosted in Weston super Mare by John and Maurice where we had a good turn out of people again.  Many thanks to you both for the work you did baking and making mulled wine.


Christmas Meal - 19th December 2015

Our Christmas meal was once more at Henbury Golf Club which was attended by 47 people.  The food and company were once again first class.  This venue has been booked for 3rd December 2016 , so please put this into your new diary. 


New Years Eve Party - 31st December 2015

New Years Eve was partied away in Weston this year.  We had 26 people attend and carried on until the early hours of New Years Day.  Fancy dress was worn by some - pictures to follow.


Open House - 3rd January 2016

Our first event of 2016 was open house held at Aubrey's flat in Fishponds.  There was 14 people there and we had a great cheese and wine afternoon.  Thanks Aubrey.


Sunday lunch - 17th January 2016

A group of 16 of us went to the WaterSky restaurant at Eastville for Sunday lunch.  This was an "Eat all You Want" buffet style meal, where we ordered a selection of starters from the menu which was brought and placed on a "Lazy Susan" in the middle of the table and we helped ourselves.  Then we each ordered a main course which was brought to the table and we ate some of each of the dishes.  You were then able to order more of the dishes of foods we had previously ordered.  All they ask is that you do not order more food than you actually want and waste any.

Good food, good company and no doubt that we will be going here again - this was our third visit as a group.  Thanks Aubrey for arranging it.


Sunday afternooon tea - 21st February 2016

Once more we had afternoon tea at the Blitz Tea Rooms in Weston super Mare.  Another good turn out - 19 members, good food, good company and very reasonable prices.


Supper evening - 27 February 2016

Another good evening in Totterdown, hosted by Martin.  Plenty of food and drinks.  Many thanks Martin.


Saturday 19 March 2016 - Newbridge Memo and Big Pit

A group of 20 travelled over the bridge into "sunny" Wales to visit the Newbridge Memo which is a Welsh icon that stands in a small South Wales village; Newbridge Memo memorial hall and Grade II former miners’ institute. The institute is a lasting monument to the miners who worked so hard to build it, to open in 1908. The memorial hall was built in 1924 to remember the local servicemen who lost their lives during the First World War. Recently refurbished, the Memo is a crucial community hub, with a busy modern library, daily classes, events and evening entertainment.  The Newbridge Memo featured in BBC2’s Restoration programme where it came second in the UK finals. The building is regularly used for filming shows such as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who. The project has also attracted the support of the Prince of Wales, Richard Attenborough and honorary patron James Dean Bradfield, Manic Street Preachers’ lead singer.


Sunday 3 April 2016 - Holburne Museum, Bath + afternoon tea

A group of seven ventured to the city of Bath to visit the Impressionist exhibithon held at the Holburne Museum.  After having the "obligotory" cup of tea (demanded by Chris W) we ventured into the gallery holding the exhibition.  This was a really engaging, small exhibition. An interesting selection of French and English works, beautifully displayed.  Afterwards we went for afternoon tea; this was the famous Sally Lunns (where there is also a small museum on the lower, original, floor level).  We were shown to our table on the top floor of the building where we ordered our afternoon tea.  ASally Lunn bun is a large and generous but very very light bun; a little like brioche/French festival bread….but traditionally it is a bun so, even if it isn’t really a bun, let’s call it a bun!

Versions of the Sally Lunn bun can be found across the globe – bakers have all tried to replicate it…but without success, and that’s because the original secret recipe was passed on to them with the deeds to Sally Lunn’s house.  You can et a Sally Lunn bun either with a savoury filling or a sweet illing, both being very tasty.  After this a small group went to visit one of the oldest members to support our group "Dame Peggy Hancock" who as usual kept us rivetted to our seats with some stories of her wonderful life.  Thanks for the tea and biscuits Peggy x.


Sunday 17 April 2016 - Cardiff Castle visit

Again passports in hands eight guys ventured into the depths of Wales.  This time to visit Cardiff Castle.  After tea in Wetherspoons pub (previously "The Prince of Wales Theatre") we ventured to Cardiff Castle. The Castle passed through the hands of many noble families until in 1766, it passed by marriage to the Bute family. The 2nd Marquess of Bute was responsible for turning Cardiff into the world’s greatest coal exporting port. The Castle and Bute fortune passed to his son John, the 3rd Marquess of Bute, who by the 1860s was reputed to be the richest man in the world.

From 1866 the 3rd Marquess employed the genius architect William Burges to transform the Castle lodgings. Within gothic towers he created lavish and opulent interiors, rich with murals, stained glass, marble, gilding and elaborate wood carvings. Each room has its own special theme, including Mediterranean gardens and Italian and Arabian decoration. The 3rd Marquess died when he was only 53 in 1900.

Despite huge death duties on the estate, the 4th Marquess completed many of his father’s restoration projects including the reconstruction of the Roman wall. The Bute family continued to stay at the Castle throughout the 1920s and 1930s, although they had sold off many of their business interests in south Wales.

Following the death of the 4th Marquess of Bute, the family decided to give the Castle and much of its parkland to the city of Cardiff. For 25 years, the Castle was home to the National College of Music and Drama and since 1974 has become one of Wales’ most popular visitor attractions.  An excellent day out and fully recommended to everyone to pay a visit there as soon as possible.  We plan another GMG visit to Cardiff.


May Bank Holiday - 29th April - 2 May 2016

A group of 15 went to Leeds for our annual Bank Holiday weekend away.  Everyone had a good time and Leeds is a very nice architectural city.  Visits were made to the Royal Armouries Museum, Saltaire, Bradford National Media Museum and Harrogate.  It was a busy weekend but very enjoyable.


Bristol Pride - Saturday 9th July 2016

A small group of us spent the day at Bristol Pride.  We started the day joining the march as it set off from Castle Park and meandered through Broadmead, past Castle Park, Baldwin Street, City Centre onto Anchor Road and then to the Amphitheatre.


Summer Barbeque Sunday 10th July 2016

Our Summer BBQ was once again a success in Weston super Mare, hosted by Adam and Justin where we had loads of food and cakes.


Brunel Walk, Sunday 24th July 2016

Neil Burlton lead an interesting walk from Temple Meads, via the Brunel Mile to Cumberland Basin where we had lunch at the Nova Scotia.  We learned a lot about the life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his father, Marc Kingdom Brunel.  Many thanks Neil for passing on your intensive knowledge about his work and inventions.


Weston super Mare Pride - 30th July 2016

Several of our members spent a good afternoon at Weston super Mares third Pride event.  The day was excellent and we were fortunate to have good weather.  Seveal people ended the evening by visiting the new Cameo Bar in WSM and also the two clubs hosting After Pride Evenings.


Summer Ball 2016, Saturday 6th August 2016

Once more our Summer Ball at St Judes Hall was successful where we had a group of 24 people there and we were entertained to Barn Dancing, with Forbes (the caller) encouraging people to step onto the dance floor and strut their stuff.  There was a good selection of food from everyone.


Highclere Caastle - Sunday 4th September 2016

A group of 9 people went to visit Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey).  We arrived managing to obtain "walk-up tickets" to admire the rooms of this Historic House.  The house is the home of the Count and Countess of Carnarvon and it was used as a Military Hospital in WW1.  We were able to visit many of the rooms in the house and also saw some of the rooms used in the Downton Abbey series.  There was also an Egyptian exhibition charting the finding of Tutankahmun.  The Castle was the seat, 100 years ago, of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, who famously discovered the Tomb of the Egyptian Boy Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, in 1922 with his archaeological colleague, Howard Carter. 

After a great day at Highclere a small group of us went to visit Sandham Memorial Chapel.  This building houses what is arguably the most important series of paintings by the Modern British artist, Sir Stanley Spencer (1891-1959).  The chapel is a temple to the genius of Spencer, who wanted to express in paint his military experience during the Great War.  His nineteen canvases, which took six years to complete, are unique in that they depict everyday routine rather than the horror of combat.


Beese's Tea Gardens - Sunday 11th September 2016

Six people paid a visit to Beese's Tea Gardens which are situated beside the river Avon below a steep wooded bank, Beese’s is a haven of tranquillity where generations of city dwellers have put the cares of the city behind them.  You can drive to the car park of the Tea gardens (at Wyndham Cresent) or you can park in the Conham Road car park and follow the riverbank round to their steps. Ring their rudimentary bell or ring them on (0117 977 7412) and they will come and get you by their ferry boat.  There is a nominal charge of 50p each way for adults, children, buggies and bikes – dogs go free!

Beese’s opens annually in Spring, and closes on the last full weekend in September.


Chinese lunch, Sunday 25th September 2016

Once again a group of 14 people met for this popular Sunday afternoon venue at the WaterSky Restaurant at Eastville.  This was again for the All U Can Eat menu which is available from 3.00pm.  The choice of food is outstanding and everyone went home feeling satisfied.  This event was again arranged by Aubrey, many thanks to him.


Royal Mint, Cardiff and Tredegar House – Sunday 9th October 2016

A group of 10 people met at the Royal Mint in Llantrissant for a tour at 11.00am.  At home it supplies the coins that are crucial to the daily transactions that underpin life. As a manufacturer, exporter and employer it has a real stake in the industrial life of the nation, and as a maker of beautifully crafted collector coins it gives pleasure and opportunities to many.  Beyond the United Kingdom the Royal Mint supplies some 100 issuing authorities around the world with coins and blanks. Blanks are metal discs, which are minted into coins. It is the leading export mint, with around 15 per cent of the worldwide market.  It was also possible to strike your own coin during the visit.

After having a picnic lunch at the Mint we travelled to Tredegar House, which is currently run by the National Trust and has a 50 year ease form Newport Council.  The earliest surviving part of the building dates back to the late 15th century.[3] The house was originally built of stone and was very grand indeed, grand enough for Charles I to visit. Between 1664 and 1672, however, William Morgan decided to rebuild the house on a larger scale from red brick, at that time a rare building material in Wales.  We were entertained to some interesting stories about the family by a guide at the house called Chris and he really did pass on the gossip about John Morgan the 6th Baron Tredegar.  Tredegar House is well worth a second visit.


Halloween Party - 29th October 2016

Our Halloween party was held in Weston super Mare and around 20 people attended with several there in fancy dress hoping to scare people.  This was a great night and lots of effort was made with costumes, make-up and decorations.


Victorian Christmas at Tyntesfield - 27th November 2016

A small group of us went to the National Trust House, Tyntesfield for a Victorian Christmas afternoon.  The feeling of Christmas began as soon as the car turned into the long drive up to the car park with trees along the roadside decorated with red ribbons.  After collecting our entrance tickets we had to wait until 2.00pm and as we approached the main entrance to Tyntesfield House we were greeted at the door and shown into the house.  Everywhere was decorated for Christmas with splended Christmas trees decorated in nearly every room.  There was lots of people in period costume to tell us stories about the Gibbs family who lived there and made their wealth from Guano ( Cormorant s**t ), the Butler, the Housekeeper, First Footman, Nurse, House Maids and the Chaplain to name a few.  We were invited also for a glass of sherry in the Billiard Room (invitation only).  Our next big venture was to dance the Valeta in the ballrom with two very charming ladies of the house.

It was a wonderful afternoon out, a fantastic place to sample a Victorian Christmas and a place to visit again. 


Christmas meal at Henbury Golf Club - 3rd December 2016

Once more we had our Christmas Dinner at Henbury.  48 people attended and music was provided by Justin.  We had a raffle with loads of prizes, some of which had been donated by members.  Look out for the date for 2017's event.


Mince Pies and Mulled Wine - 15th December 2016

The evening was our "Mulled Wine and Mince Pie" evening in Weston super Mare hosted once more by John and Maurice where we were treated once more to home made tarts.  I hear that Mary Berry and Delia Smith might be interested in the recipe but the secret ingredients won't be given out.  Many thanks to you both for the work you did baking and making mulled wine.


New Year's Eve party - 31st December 2016 - 1st January 2017

A fun evening was held in Redland Bristol for our New Year's Eve party.  Fancy dress was an option for the party and the majority of people made a great effort to take part.  About 20 people attended and there was a vast choice of main course and desserts to choose from.  The evening did finish with a Gin tasting session of Seville Orange Gin, home made Sloe Gin and Home made Damson Gin.  What a nice way to start 2017.



Auction - 2nd February 2017

A fun evening was held with an auction of goods donated by members with proceeds going to club funds.  The Auctioneer this year was Maurice. 


Supper Party - 18th March 2017

A suuper evening was held in Weston by Robin and Michael.  Many thanks to both of you.


Funny Girl - 21st March 2017

A small group went to see the show Funny Girl starring Sheridan Smith, Chris Peluso.  Funny Girl brought global fame to Barbra Streisand 50 years ago and boasts some of the most iconic songs in film and theatre history, including People and Don’t Rain On My Parade. This ‘exhilarating’ musical tells the story of Fanny Brice, whose vocal talents and comedic ability see her rise from Brooklyn music hall singer to Broadway star.


G4 in Concert - 23 March 2017

Several members went to see the Classical group G4 in concert at the Playhouse in Weston super Mare.  G4 are a four-piece British vocal troupe who first came to prominence when they finished second in Series 1 of The X Factor in 2004, and are known for their operatic delivery of modern pop songs.  Originally a barbershop quartet, the members met at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, from which the name G4, standing for "Guildhall 4", derives.  They were joined onstage by a female singer Mary-Jess Leaverland who won the Chinese singing competition 民星唱翻天 (I Want to Sing to the Stars) that she started to gain the attention of some pretty powerful people in the music industry. It's hardly surprising really, with her beautiful voice.


Easter Meal - 9th April 2017

Once again we had our Easter meal at Cameley Lodge and had 52 people attend on a wonderful sunny afternoon. Good food, good atmosphere and great company.


May Bank Holiday - 28th April - 2nd June 2017

A group of 13 of us spent a fabulous weekend in Belfast.  We had tours of the Civic Hall and met the Mayor, caught the Paddy Wagon to see the Giants Causeway and locations of Game of Thrones.  A walking tour of Belfast was very interesting with a very knowledgeable guide.  A visit to the Crumlin Road Jail gave an insight into life behind bars, as did a tour on the Red Open Top Bus tour which showing what life was like during the disturbances in Northern Ireland.

The Titanic Experience was well worth the visit which took some of us around four hours to complete and then we ventured onto the SS Nomadic which is a former tender of the White Star Line used to transfer passengers and mail to and from the RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic and is the only White Star Line vessel in existance today.

A visit to the Crown Bar in Belfast is something not to be missed.  This is the most famous pub in Belfast owned by the National Trust and has retained most of its original features.


Dewstow Gardens - Sunday 2nd July 2017

A group of 8 visited Dewstow Gardens just over the bridge at Caerwent, South Wales.  we explored this lost Shangri-la and hidden Lost Horizon garden.  It is only 30 mins from Bristol over the old Severn Bridge.  In 1893 Henry Oakley purchased the ancient Dewstow estate managing it until his death in 1940.  He commissioned eminent London landscapers Pulham & Sons to build a unique subterranean garden.  The garden was put to sleep and buried during the second world war and only accidently rediscovered in 2001.  It is a grade 1 garden.  It is a great garden to visit and it has a reasonable priced tea room.  Only £7 to go in or £6 concessions, children £4.  There is a fairy trail for children.


Bristol Pride - Saturday 8th July 2017

A group of us had a pleasant day at Bristol Pride where around 30,000+ people were there.  The day was extremely hot but we spent time enjoying the entertainment at the Cabaret Stage and also at the Main Stage.  Cool drinks were the order of the day.


Sunday Walk and Picnic - 23rd July 2017

A walk was arranged in Weston super Mare meeting at 11.30am at Worlebury Hill Road, where we parked our cars. John Farrrow led a walk through the woods, approx ¾ hour, after which it was back to the cars and a short drive to Sand Point National Trust Car Park where we had a picnic.  After being refreshed with food and drink we then walked (approx. 1 mile) to Sand Point.  Although the weather wasn't in our favour we had a good breezy but wet walk there and back.


Weston Pride - Saturday 28th July 2017

A very pleasant day wa spent at this years Weston Pride.  The venue in Grove Park was a very friendly family day out.  Although not as big a venue as Bristol the atmosphere was great.  The event was finished with entertainment by Angie Brown on stage with an umbrella in the pouring rain - that shows dedication to the people who stayed to watch her. 


Helicopter Museum - Sunday 6th August 2017

A very interesting Sunday venue and well worth a visit.  A group met at the cafe before spending time in the museum learning about Weston's aviation history.  There are over 80 helicopters on display.  You can also fly in a Helicopter over Weston and Paul, Antony and Eric had the experience of looking down on the town.

After the museum visit lunch was at The Super Mare pub on the new road into Weston. 


Summer Ball - Saturday 12th August 2017

Once again we had a brilliant evening at St Judes Hall in Weston Barn Dancing.  The evening host was Forbes who kept us entertained with his singing and guitar playing between dances.  This is an event not to be missed in the future.  We all look forward to next year for a return visit.


Sunday Lunch and visit to SS. Great Britain - 8th October 2017

A small group of 7 people met for lunch at the Nova Scotia pub in Hotwells for Sunday lunch.  Costing £8.50 there was a choice of Lamb, Pork and Beef which were all well cooked and plenty of vegetables and Yorkshire Pudding.  Before lunch we made a short visit to the UnderFall Yard where we were shown the steam drive for the accumulators.  This was interesting and we are hoping to arrange a visit for our group in the near future.  After lunch we wandered along to the SS Great Britain which was very interesting.  The museum showed the ship being towed up the Avon Gorge in 1970 to complete its journey from the Falklands where it had been rusting away.  It is well worth visiting and your ticket allows you to re-visit as many times as you want over 12months.


New Year's Eve party - 31st December 2017 - 1st January 2018

A fun evening was held in Weston super Mare for our New Year's Eve party. Fancy dress was an option for the party and the majority of people made a great effort to take part. About 20 people attended and there was a vast choice of main course and desserts to choose from.



Sunday 7th January 2018 - Aubrey's At-Home

Our first event of 2018 was open house held at Aubrey's flat in Fishponds. There was 14 people there and we had a great cheese and wine afternoon. Thanks Aubrey.


Sunday Lunch at Cosmos - Clifton Triangle

This venue was a first for some of the group.  13 members joined together for Sunday lunch. The meal was buffet style and food is Pan-Asian with plenty of vegetarian options. 


Afternoon tea at the Blitz Tea Rooms, Weston super Mare - Sunday 28th January 2018

Once more we enjoyed an afternoon tea at the Blitz Tea Rooms in Weston. This is a popular event and we were able to enjoy good food and catch up with members in a 1940's atmosphere.


Auction, 1 February 2018

This was held at Russell & Tony's coffee evening where we were all entertained to an evening of banter as unwanted items were auctioned.  The proceeds of the evening were donated to the Epilepsy Foundation and RNIB in memory of Michael Atkins, a well liked member who died december 2017.


Ten-Pin Bowling - Sunday 11th February 2018

An afternoon of laughter and competion for our Ten-Pin Bowling competition at Hollywood Bowl St Philips Marsh.  If you think you would be able to win the coveted "Dorothy Trophy" come along to our next bowling event.


Easter Meal - Cameley Lodge - Sunday 25th March 2018

Once more we enjoyed our annual Easter Meal at Cameley Lodge.  This is a very popular event and was attended by 45 people.  Look out for next years meal there, which will be 14th April 2019.


Tintern Abbey and High Glanau Manor - 29th April 2018

Several of the group made the journey across the bridge into Wales to spend a day visiting Tintern Abbey and High Glanau Manor where we had afternoon tea after looking around the very nice gardens.


May Bank Holiday visit to York  4th - 8th May 2018

A group of 13 went to York to spend a Bank Holiday weekend.  Visits were made to The National Raiway Museum which brought back memories of the days of Steam Railways in the UK until the AXE fell on the railways by the Beeching cuts in the 1960's.  A visit was made to Castle Howard the Stately Home in North Yorkshire which was the setting for the television series Brideshead Revisited a novel by Evelyn Waugh where we had a guided tour of the grounds and buildings which was interesting.  Another day was spent with a visit to the Jorvik museum which gave an insight into York's ancient past.  Climbing the 275 steps of the spiral stairs to the top of the tower did not disappoint as the views from the top over York and surroundings was well worth it.  Many walks along the ancient walls of the city were enjoyed and on one trip we were entertained by Morris Dancers.


Re-visiting SS Great Britain + Underfall Yard - Sunday 20th May 2018

Last year we had a visit to the SS Great Britain and now that the Brunel Museum has opened here another visit was proposed.  It was a very interesting visit and the new museum is a credit to Bristol and all the work that has been done to promote the ship and the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


Hestercombe Gardens - 29th June 2018

Several of us met at 11.00 am at these wonderful Grade 1 listed gardens at Fitzpaine near Taunton.  Featuring a collection of gardens that spans three centuries of history the house was originally built in the 16th century.  Hestercombe House is surrounded by gardens which have been restored to Gertrude Jekyll's original plans (1904 - 07) and have made it one of the best Jekyll - Lutyens gardens open to the public.


Gromit Unleashed Trail - 8th July 2018

Four of us ventured out in the baking heat to track down the figures around Bristol which are part of the Gromit Trail for 2018.  Starting from Redland our journey took us along Whiteladies Road, Clifton Triangle, round the Harbourside, Cumberland Basin and back along Hotwells Road to our starting point.  In total we tracked down around 17 figures and had several photoshoots with them.


Bristol Pride - 14th July 2018

Bristol Pride was supported by about 30,000 people this year and it is suggested that maybe it is outgrowing the Harbourside venue.  The main stage was Alexandra Burke who wowed the crowds with her amazing stage presentation.  The Cabaret stage once more came up trumps with performances by Drag With No Name who ance more did a "Crowd Surfing" special and Lola Lasagna who finished with an emotional rendition of the Marc almond song "What makes a Man a Man" and removes all his make-up, dress etc and reveals himself as a man.  


Summer Ball - 21st July 2018

Once again we were entertain by our fantastic Barn Dance caller Forbes who guided the agile and not so agile of us through another brilliant evening of dancing.  We are planning already for 2019 and an evening of dancing and fun.  Why not come along and join us for this event, maybe look on YouTube for "Barn Dancing" and strut your stuff.


Weston super Mare Pride - 28th July 2018

Pride in Weston was a brilliant day with The Fizz (ex Bucks Fizz) heading the day.  Although they got off to a quiet start it wan't long before Cheryl Baker was rocking the crowds.  She was joined by Mike Nolan and Jay Aston was unfortunately not able to perform with them as she had undergone surgery for mouth cancer which she had surgery earlier in June and the outlook is said to be positive.  The evening party was at the Winter Gardens until late and was well attended booging the night away.


Edinburgh Fringe - 11th - 24th August 2018

This event was done by two groups of four for the second year.  There were so many shows to see (around 3500 to choose from) and so it is a mater of personal choice.  We had a mixture of comedy, one man shows, theatre, choirs etc.  Edinburgh has so much to offer visitors such as art galleries, museums, architectural walks to mention a few.


Clifton Suspension Bridge Tour - 21st October 2018

A group of us met at the Clifton side of the iconic Bristol Suspension Bridge and we were given a guided tour of the bridge and its history by Pamela one of the volunteer guides.  We were given lots of information about the bridge and the tour lasted about one hour.  These tours are done by volunteers throughout the year and we had the last tour of the year, however these will begin again next year.  These tours are FREE and are on a just turn up basis.  We will probably consider a tour of the Vaults which were discovered by accident under the Leigh Woods side of the Bridge.  These have to be booked and there is a charge for them and also places are limited for each tour.


Westonbirt Arbouretum - 4th November 2018

Several of us went to Westonbirt to admire the autumn colours of the trees and we weren't disappointed.  Although the weather wasn't the best when we arrived we had a warm drink and then set off with umbrellas to explore the area.  The rain soon stopped and although the sun didn't shine on us (the righteous) we were able to appreciate the wonderful colours of the changing foliage of the trees.  There was a lot of tree spotting and checking to see if our knowledge was as good as we thought.  After finishing our tour of he grounds we ended on the "sky platform" which took us through the branches of the trees and even higher on a viewing "crows nest" which did wobble slightly.  The day ended with a visit to the cafe for a well earned cup of tea/coffee and a slice of cake. 


Mince pie and Mulled Wine - 20th December 2018

A very well attended Mince pie and Mulled Wine evening, hosted once more by John and Maurice in Weston super Mare.  Thanks for a good evening.


Christmas meal - 22nd December 2018

Again we had our Christmas get-together at Henbury Golf club with 45 people coming along to begin the festivites.  Good food and good company once more.


New Years Eve Party - 31st December 2018 - 1 January 2019

This years party was hosted by Norman and Robert at their "new" home in Weston super Mare.  Many thanks to you both for being such good hosts.


Open House - 6th January 2019

Once again our first event of 2019 was spent with Aubrey and his open house where we enjoyed food and drinks.  Thanks Aubrey for being a good host to everyone.


Sunday Lunch - 13th January 2019

A group of 23 of us met for Sunday lunch at Cosmo - Pan Asian restaurant on Clifton Triangle.  Food was excellent again and we will certainly arrange another visit. 


Murder evening - Saturday 30th March 2019

This was a fun evening and not just trying hard to find all the clues that led to the uncovering of the murderer.  It was difficult at times because of all the laughter caused by the attempts made at foreign accents delivering the clues.  Needless to say no-one was able to uncover the murderer to bring them to justice.    However all was revealed and it was the lady from behind the Iron Curtain - Madji Kal (alias Sharon).


Easter meal - Sunday 14th April 2019

This was another very successful meal at Cameley Lodge.  A group of 40 people sat down to enjoy a 3 course lunch with coffee.  Everyone received an Easter egg in a mug from the group GMG.  Thanks to Maurice for purchasing these and we are certain that Tesco must have wondered what a big family he had when he went to the checkout with his trolleys.


Spring Bank Holiday 2019 - Portsmouth

A group of 12 spent a very nice weekend in Portsmouth where we were able to visit the Historic Dockyard and look over the old ships there, including HMS Victory, Nelson's flag ship, and the spot where he said "Kiss me Hardy!" (how LGBT+ is that ?).  We also visited HMS Warrior, a trip across the harbour to visit the Explosion Museum and finishing off looking inside a submarine.  The highlight of the Historic Dockyard was visiting the Mary Rose which showed the restoration of the ship and giving us a feel of life on board the ship.  A day spent on the Isle of Wight visiting Osborne House, the summer home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  Again well worth a visit.


Sunday 2nd June 2019 - Tour of Underfall Yard.

A small group visited Underfall Yard, Cumberland Basin, for a tour of the workings of the Floating Harbour and it's history.


Sunday 23 June 2019

Afternoon tea at Beese's Gardens.  A group of us spent a nice afternoon at Beese's although it wasn't the best of weather.  There were 10 people for tea, some who had driven and two of us who had had a pleasant walk along the river and crossed over by the small boat to the small jetty.


Saturday 29th June 2019

A supper evening wa hosted by Pip in Stoke Gifford.  The evening was very enjoyable with about 10 people.  There was a very good choice of food and great conversation.  Many thanks to Pip for his hospitality, sharing his home with us.


Saturday 13th July 2019

This was Bristol Pride which commenced with a march celebrating 10 years going through the Cabot Circus/Broadmead area of Bristol and ending at Millenium Square.  Of course there was a group of us who did the march and then went to the Downs where the party began.  The number of people there was over and above anyone's wildest dreams and it's new home on the downs was able to accomodate the large increase of people over and above the 36,000 that attended last year.  There were several stages, Main stage, Cabaret stage, Circus tent, Dance tent which had something for everyone, Boney M, Sonique, Mel C, Sophie Ellis-Bextor.  The Cabaret stage provided lots of drag quees etc and loads of fun.  Daryll Carter who organised the day with his group of helpers pulled out all the stops to make it a memorable day, however he announced that it was to be his last Pride and handed over to them to continue to put Bristol on the Pride map.


Sunday 21st July 2019

We were welcomed to the home of Ang and Roger for our annual BBQ.  There had been lots of preparation work by them to keep everyone well fed with sauages, burgers, salads, pickles etc.  This was followed by home made deserts: pavlova, cheese cake, chocolate brownies etc.  Many thanks to you both for your hospitality.


Saturday 27th July and Sunday 28th July 2019

This weekend was the occasion of Weston Pride.  The march set of at 11.00 am from Knightstone to make its way to Grove Park.  The day was bright and sunny and everyone marched along the sea front spending a good afternoon celebrating.  Artist appearing over the weekend included, the camp host Fanny Burns introducing Amelia Lily, Hazell Dean amongst others with Jordan Gray hosting Sunday with Saara Alto, Harrisen Larner and Nicki French.  Saturday evening saw the after party held at the Winter Gardens until the early hours of the morning.  


Saturday 17th August - Friday 23 August 2019

A group of us went to the Edinburgh Fringe seeing loads of excellent shows during the week.  To ha ve a break during the week we visited Gosford House, a neoclassical country house northeast of Longniddry in East Lothia.  It is the family seat of the Cgarteris Family, the Earls of Wemyss and March. 


Sunday 18th August 2019

A picnic was arranged by Pip at Blaise Castle which was a joint venture with Gay West members.  A good afternoon was enjoyed by all.


Saturday 31st August 2019

Once again we had our Summer Ball at St Judes Hall, Weston super Mare.  It was a fun evening all the way through and although this is about our fourth attempt at Barn Dancing we have to say thanks to our MC for the evening, Forbes, for his patience.  Most still have two left feet and the oncoming of Alzheimer's.  Better luck next time!


Sunday 8th September 2019

Fourteen of us went for an afternoon cream tea to Banwell Castle.  It was a sunny afternoon so we were able to sit out on the terrace and enjoy the views over the Mendip Hills and also have a walk around the gardens.


Christmas meal - 21st December 2019

Again we had our Christmas get-together at Henbury Golf club with 34 people coming along to begin the festivites.  Good food and good company once more.


Restart after Covid January 2022


Sunday 30th January 2022

Ten people joined us for Sunday lunch at the Royal Hotel Weston super Mare


Wednesday 23rd February 2022

An interesting visit to the Concorde Aerospace Museum in Bristol - The stunning centrepiece of the visit was Concorde Alpha Foxtrot: the last of the iconic supersonic passenger jets to be built and the last to fly.  Capable of crossing the Atlantic in under three hours, Concorde cruised at over twice the speed of sound and reached an altitude of 60,000ft. Her passengers would marvel at the curvature of the Earth and look up at a blue-black sky, as they travelled at 1320mph and sipped Champagne on the edge of space.


Sunday 6th March 2022
Visit to Frome Market Sunday 6th March 2022 at 11.00am.  There were lots of stalls with cheeses, breads, bric a brac and many more to buy

Sunday 3rd April 2022
Visit to Sandford Station Railway Heritage Centre, meeting at 11.00am. This was followed by Cream tea at Banwell Castle.  This was again a well attended event with home made scones, clotted cream and jam with lashings of tea or coffee.


Palm Sunday lunch, Sunday 10th April 2022 at Banwell Castle in the Gate House.
This was a very well attended event with 40 people there.  Everyone was given an Easter egg to take home.


Sunday, 15th May 2022.  Sunday lunch at the Star Inn Rhodyate Hill, Bristol BS49 5AJ (A370)

A group of 10 enjoyed lunch at the Star.  The food was good and we were well looked after.


Sunday 12th June 2022     Visit to Fonthill Garden in Tisbury.   The garden is rarely open so this was a spcial visit for our group.   Fonthill is associated with the writer and collector William Beckford (a gay man) who built his Gothic fantasy house, Fonthill Abbey, at the end of the 18th century. But it is in fact only one of several important houses to be built on the Estate since the 16th century- all of them eventually consumed by fire or deliberately demolished.

Visit to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm 19th June 2022.  Unfortunately only two people went to this event but they had a good day there and enjoyed the large number of animals there.  You also get great views across the Severn Estuary towards the two Severn crossings in the distance and the Welsh coastine.


Tuesday 11th July 2022  A visit to Glastonbury with a walk up to the Tor to feel the "vibes" eminating from this magical area, followed by a walk through the town full of mystical shops where Christian and Pagan beliefs mingle.  


Saturday 13th August 2022.  Summer Ball once more at St Judes hall in Weston super Mare with music, barn dancing and entertainment provided by our MC, Forbes.  A long awaited event after Covd lockdown.


Saturday 17th December 2022.  Our Christmas meal this year was at Banwell Castle which was attended by 38 people.  This was our choice after having a splendid Easter meal there.  


Saturday 31st December 2022.  New Years Eve celebration party hosted by John and Maurice in Meston super Mare













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