About Gays Meeting Gays South West

Who are we?

A Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual social group as an alternative and addition to the commercial gay scene.


What do we do?

We organise a wide range of social events throughout the year.  These include social/coffee evenings, supper parties, meals out, theatre trips, long weekend holidays, visits to stately homes and many, many others.  To see what is coming up in the near future, look at our 'Events' page.  For an idea of our range of past activities, look at our 'Gallery' page.  We also have a bi-monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date with current news and events.


The History of Gays Meeting Gays South West

Gays Meeting Gays (South West) originally started as two separate organisations: Men Meeting Men (3M's) Supper Evenings and Chris's Coffee Club (3Cs). Both groups started around the same time.


The Men Meeting Men (3M's) Supper Party started on 2nd December 1989 as the brain child of long term Gay campaigner John Bescoby, helped by Jim Brown. The first meeting was held in Radstock.  The original aim was for an American Supper Evening in people's homes for single gay men. This soon expanded to all gay men including those with partners. John Bescoby was also helped by Russell Boyes and Tony Lloyd who gradually took over organising these Supper Parties.


Chris Brown started a Thursday night Coffee Club as a social event for Gay people in Bristol.  He opened up his home each Thursday for anyone to come and socialise.  Back in late 1992 Chris Watkins and Bob Atkins started to attend the group and they expanded the range of events to include Theatre Trips, a Christmas Dinner, an Easter lunch and a first May Bank Holiday weekend break.  Foreign holidays were also included to Benidorm and Gran Canaria, amongst other fabulous destinations. 


In 2009, because both groups shared a common membership base, it was decided to join the two groups and a committee was formed to run the new group. Chris Brown back in 2006 had stepped down from organising the Coffee Evenings.


GMG Supper (Bring a Dish) Parties

GMG Supper Parties are traditionally held on a Saturday evening in people's houses and is a great way to finish off the week with friends old and new. As the name implies, everybody attending needs to bring either a savoury or a sweet dish (if coming as a couple, one of each is always welcome) together with a bottle of drink. All are non smoking venues.


GMG Social/Coffee Evenings

These are held on Thursday evenings, starting about 8.30 pm. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits and spend the evenings with friends old and new. Pick up the latest news and gossip!